Weatherized Storage Door Curtains as a
High-Yield Investment, Really???

When we tell people that we know of an investment that gives steady initial returns from 50-75%, and over 100% usually after 2 years, they assume it must be a high risk stock or an expensive real estate investment. They are shocked to find out that we are talking about investing in Weatherized Storage Door Curtains for their self-storage facility. That’s simply because Storage Door Curtains are new to the self-storage industry and initially self-storage owners or managers may see installing Storage Door Curtains solely an improvement with no return on their investment, rather than categorizing Storage Door Curtains as a high yield investment. As self-storage owners and managers continue to become educated about the tremendous return on investment (ROI) and the recurring yearly increased and (optional) ancillary income for installing Storage Door Curtains, self-storage owners and managers are eager to learn more about having Storage Door Curtains installed on their properties.

For Example: The building layout shown below has 137 units. The 59 interior units are climate controlled, and the 78 outside facing drive up units are not. By adding Storage Door Curtains™ to the outside facing storage units you obtain 5,600 additional square feet of higher value climate controlled storage.

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Using the above building layout as an example, the following table will give you an idea of the ROI you could expect to receive in different areas around the country.

  Springfield, IL Palo Alto, CA Hookset, NH Yelm, WA
Storage Door Curtain™ Investment $49,995 $49,995 $49,995 $49,995
Federal Financial Incentive -$8,400 -$8,400 -$8,400 -$8,400
Local Incentives -$16,748 -$9,100 -$37,496 $0
Increased Rental Income -$32,760 -$33,696 -$24,710 -$18,720
Utility Savings -$3,969 -$5,774 -$6,522 -$3,364
Return on Investment 8 months 10 months 2 months 23 months
1st year added revenue $11,882 $6,975 $27,133 $0
2nd year added revenue $36,729 $39,470 $31,232 $2,573
Subsequent years added revenue $36,729 $39,470 $31,232 $21,720

In most cases, Storage Door Curtains pay for themselves within 7 months to 1½ years. But do Storage Door Curtains last long enough to justify the investment? Storage Door Curtain President, James Ciaciuch, states that their Storage Door Curtain product line has an expected 10 year lifespan for a Storage Door Curtains outer shell when it’s exposed to daily UV rays. So with the typical application of a Storage Door Curtain being inside a storage unit, and protected by a metal roll-up door, that lifetime could easily double or triple. So self-storage owners can rest assured that if they are looking for a solid investment that will add value to your self-storage facility, increase facility revenue, lower utility costs, portray a “green” image to your customers, better protect tenant belongings, stand out above the local competition by having a product your competitor doesn’t have, generate new forms of ancillary income, and benefit the planet, consider investing in Weatherized Storage Door Curtains.

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