Storage Door Curtain™ Pricing

One of the first questions we are always asked is "How much does a Storage Door Curtain™ cost?". This is a difficult question to answer since our Door Curtains™ are custom built to the specifications of your facility and the actual costs are offset by energy conservation incentives.

The next question is always "How about a ballpark?". Now you'd think that would be simple, but it's not. Sure we can give you a ballpark figure, but that's just the initial cost; not the final cost. The federal government is offering a $0.60 / SqFt rebate for building envelope energy improvements. Many state and local governments are also offering rebates and incentives, so the ballpark varies based on where your facility is located.

In the table below you'll find some ballpark figures from a couple of different locales; find out what incentives might be available to you by contacting us.

Location Initial Cost Federal Incentive Local Incentive Utility Provider Incentive Actual Door
Curtain Cost
Iowa City, IA $450.00 $0.60/SqFt
= $60.00
70% of installed cost
= $315.00
Allentown, PA $450.00 $0.60/SqFt
= $60.00
$750 / Qualifying Project
$75/door @ 100 doors
= $30.00
Roseburg, OR $450.00 $0.60/SqFt
= $60.00
35% of installed cost
= $250.25
$0.75 / SqFt
= $75.00
Palo Alto, CA $450.00 $0.60/SqFt
= $60.00
= $15.00

As you can see the costs are drastically different based upon your location.
The best way to find out what your Door Curtains™ will cost is to Request a Quote.

"Door Curtains don’t come off of a shelf, and all storage unit sizes are not the same, each Door Curtain is custom made to fit your specific application, weather conditions and door opening"