About Us

They say that “necessity is the mother of all inventions”, and we most certainly agree. Our company founder is also a self-storage owner; and our product line of Weatherized Storage Door Curtains was developed for the initial needs of his self-storage facility, located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

James W. Ciaciuch
Founder, CEO and President

A few years ago, word started spreading within the close knit self-storage industry that a product was developed to stop the age old problem of air-flow going into and out of self-storage units. The Weatherized Storage Door Curtain™ started getting the attention of self-storage owners and managers, building manufacturers, building installers, door companies, the self-storage media, storage industry talk websites and even trade magazines from outside the industry.

Today Storage Door Curtains™ offers a complete line of Weatherized Storage Door Curtains that sit inside and right behind a self-storage roll-up door to create a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling barrier eliminating air-flow through the roll-up door and front wall of a storage unit. Since our inception, due to our clients varied needs, our product line has evolved into (5) Weatherized Door Curtain™ & Wind Curtain variations for all types of weather conditions and climates throughout the United States and Canada.

Storage Door Curtains™ are made in the United States with distribution locations in Washington State. While we have been offered some pretty sweet deals to produce our product outside of the United States, from China and Mexico, we won’t do it. Even with the ability to reduce costs down to ¼ of our current production costs, we believe in our country and our people. We won’t cross the border for a higher profit and a poorer quality product.

Our product line of Weatherized Storage Door Curtains™ make us the leader in air-flow control and elimination, bringing air infiltration and thermal control solutions to the self-storage industry. Heck, we’re even working for one of the largest Aerospace companies in the United States, Northrup Grumman. So if our Storage Door Curtain products can meet the needs of Northrup Grumman’s Aerospace facilities, and their 25’ wide x 50’ tall metal roll-up doors, we know we can meet the needs of the self-storage industry. Give us a call today so we can help you eliminate unwanted air-flow and unwanted heat transfer into and out of your self-storage buildings.

    As a mission, our company maintains the following standards of excellence:
  • People must always be more important than products and services.
  • Keep away from pride in our own programs, plans, and successes.
  • Remember that God's will and Word must never be compromised.
  • People must always be considered above the making of money.
  • Do what is right, no matter what the cost.
  • Be involved in a business that provides worthwhile products and services - not just things that feed the world's desires.