Meet Changing Energy Codes

Newly adopted 2012 Energy Codes are sweeping across the country and stopping new construction projects that aren't using a Storage Door Curtain to stop air penetration into storage buildings with outside facing storage units. Air barrier verification and testing is being conducted and required and building departments are causing much frustration as they interpret the 2012 Energy Code.

Currently 8 states have already adopted the new 2012 Energy Code, with 16 more states poised to adopt the new code by the end of 2015. What does that mean for you? Nothing, right now, but if you're planning on building a new self-storage facility or renovating your existing facility, you WILL be subject to these new codes if your state has adopted them.

There isn't a self-storage metal roll-up door on the market that will meet the new energy codes being adopted. To be compliant, and insure that your outside facing storage doors do not permit air-flow, an "air barrier" test will work positively you'll need a Storage Door Curtain™. Considering a insulated sectional garage-type doors? With a Storage Door Curtain we have a better way, you can keep your existing roll-up door, and your tenants headspace by installing a Storage Door Curtain™.

Our base model of a Layered & Weatherized Storage Door Curtain™ has a minimum R-Value of 6.5 (when installed to specifications) with higher R-Values going up from there. So what's the bottom line?

Storage Door Curtains™ are the most effective solution for meeting and exceeding the newly adopted 2012 energy codes.

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